Enterprise Infrastructure Expert Consulting


EIE Consulting provides expert advice for designing, deploying or upgrading storage solutions for ECM and ERP systems. 

EIE Consulting specializes in IXOS Archive and Livelink Enterprise Archive Server system architecture and design. Our Primary Enterprise Consultant can be your partner to ensure you can maximize the value you receive from your investment in your ECM storage solutions.


EIE Consulting has a proven track record with their customers. Our reputation is our best selling point. Our customer's satisfaction is our number one goal.

EIE Consulting has the expertise to ensure timely project completion. Our service offerings are designed to allow you to tailor them to your actual needs. We can provide full implementation project management or simple installation expertise. This flexibility allows you, the customer, to decide how much assistance you require.

EIE Consulting provides cost effective assistance via web enable remote access tools. Our Experts can access your system in minutes to quickly resolve technical issues.

Expert Advice and Implementation Know How

With over 15 Years of experience implementing archive, and content management solutions EIE Consulting has the expertise and know how to streamline your deployment. Our Storage System Experts have the hands on experience performing migration of multiple terabyte storage systems.
EIE Consulting has performed nuerous migrations from Magneto Optical Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage systems to Hard Disk Based WORM Solutions. 

EIE Consulting is a valuable resource for ensuring timely and cost effective integration of EMC Centera, and NetApp SnapLock storage into the Livelink Enterprise Archive Server.


Implementation Project Management

EIE Consulting can help keep your implementation project on track and on budget. Our proven methodologies and detailed project plans can provide you with the framework for success.

Get your people enabled to perform the tasks to take advantage of your investment.

Our Primary Enterprise Consultant was a former IXOS IxTrain Trainer and can provide specialized training to match your environment. EIE Consulting can instruct your administration and support staff on how to quickly identify and resolve technical issues with the Livelink Enterprise Archive.